Trisha Bates

Advisory Board

Trisha is the founder of Urban American Farmer, an organization focused on advocating and cultivating the networks among local food communities, chefs, farmers, and passionate food enthusiasts.

Farming is in her family. Surrounded by flat farmland, Trisha grew up in the rich Midwest soil, bottle-feeding lambs, and digging in the garden. Her earliest memories include family and community coming together around food. It is her family upbringing and the generations of farming that run through her blood that play a meaningful part of why Trisha is so passionate about the work she does.

After a degree in City Planning and studies in community development, she found her way from the farmlands to the city. After a decade of working in restaurants, Trisha was led back to the farm in pursuit of better tasting and higher quality ingredients.

Trisha founded Urban American Farmer to get back to her roots and help others see the need to pour into and advocate for a thriving food community. Her organization builds networks between city and country, farmer and chef — human and land. She is passionate about creating connections and recently launched Field Guide Festival, a food system festival for Austin, expanding the conversation and making connections between the health of our environment and ourselves.