Lindsey Sokol

Lindsey Sokol

GTW Founder

Culturally, we don’t embrace wrinkles. In our clothing or on our faces, creasing and crinkling are viewed as signs of age and neglect. When events producer Lindsey Sokol and C3 talent buyer Margaret Galton named their membership-based women’s organization, however, “Guaranteed to Wrinkle” was the only moniker they considered.

“The name came from a New York Times article that discussed the counterintuitive value of wrinkled clothing,” says Sokol. “Since the 1970s, the labels of linen suits designed by Ralph Lauren included the phrase, implying that the more creased, the more classy. We’re all guaranteed to wrinkle, just like those suits. As women, our wrinkles tell stories.”

Sokol, who is originally from Plano, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. As the former festival director for C3 Presents, she’s produced ACL, Lollapalooza and the 57th Presidential Inauguration; as founder and current CEO of Blue Norther Live, she’s the force behind Austin’s New Year and events like Beto for America and the 59th Presidential Inauguration.

When Sokol and Galton conceived GTW in 2018, their goal was to create an organization that “aligns passion for wellness and community involvement with connecting like-minded female leaders.” Today, GTW has 150 members in Austin, who unite for events including panels on health and wellness and community volunteerism to salon dinners focused on education. Previous topics have included mental health, women in the arts and sourcing food locally.

“The culture of GTW is built around the members, board and team,” says Sokol. “I want to empower everyone to be able to take a step forward to shape it into what they see is needed for the community.” The concept was born over coffee, and scribbled on a napkin. “It was about creating an authentic connection with other women and focusing on causes that we cared about so that the conversations and membership would be rooted in purpose.”