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Mayawell is inspired by the goddess of the agave, Mayahuel, who is a source of life and a revered figure in Mexican mythology. Co-founder & COO Vicente Reyes was an early pioneer of the mezcal industry before turning his attention to the health and wellness benefits of the agave plant. Over the course of five years, Vicente and his research team developed a clinically proven prebiotic ingredient, PREGAVE, which now serves as the hero ingredient in Mayawell's beverages.Partnering with socially-conscious entrepreneur and UT-Austin grad Oliver Shuttlesworth, the two launched Mayawell in late 2019. Its line of bubbly prebiotic tonics are low calorie, low sugar, and easy drinking. You can now find Mayawell in more than 150 retail locations across Austin, NYC, and LA with more to come in 2021.