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LumenKind is a lifestyle brand created in 2017 in Austin, TX, which provides a simple and fun mindfulness experience that integrates thoughtfully-designed temporary tattoos with a powerful personal growth system.

For those on a journey to rise above distractions and shine their brightest, the Brighter Being System is an adaptive framework offering invitations to mindfulness, suggested intentions, and wearable reminders to help you grow - 'Mindful Marks.'

Each Mindful Mark is designed with a specific intention in mind and then formed into a temporary tattoo that serves as a moment-to-moment reminder for you. They fade in a matter of days – just long enough for an intention to be set, renewed or refreshed.

Whether you are processing grief, working on more focus professionally, or exploring new life pathways – LumenKind helps you set, keep and remember your daily intentions, promoting present-moment awareness for more mindful living. #BrighterBEing