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  • 20% off supplements and wellness brands in the Functional Communities online store with the code FRIENDS20. This discount also applies to the KBMO Food Sensitivity Test.
  • 10% off Do Terra essential oils with code DOTERRA10. Shipping is free.
  • Brand Exclusions to discount include: Austin Air, Bio-Up, Biome Research, Branch Basics, doTERRA, HeartMath, Klaire Labs, L-Nutra (Fast Bars), Marigold, Nordic Naturals, Purity Coffee, RADIUS, Rip Van Wafels, Thunderbird Bars, Vital Choice, Vitanica


Functional Communities is dedicated to helping communities thrive through sustainable and affordable access to health and wellness educational resources. We advocate for nutritious foods ethically sourced from local farmers, ranchers, and community gardens. We support reforming healthcare with a network of functional medicine doctors, integrative practitioners, health coaches, and holistic services. We partner with non-profits and organizations that share our vision of flourishing, healthy communities.