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Farm Field Trip

May 1, 2022

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Farm Field Trip

Members - Join us for a Farm Field Trip to Rain Lily Farm on Sunday 5.1 from 10-1130A! Learn more event details below and send us an email if you'd like to participate!

Event Focus

We'll be led through Farm School 101 by fellow GTW Member and Founder of Urban American Farmer - Trisha Bates. If you're a curious gardener or farmer eager to learn, come get your hands in the soil with us as you're introduced to the basic concepts of growing food.

What to Expect

  • Come prepared for one hour of classroom instruction and fieldwork to follow
  • Bring your own water bottle, bug spray, gloves and work boots/shoes
  • Coffee + tacos will be provided

About Urban American Farmer

Growing up surrounded by the flat farmland of the midwest, Trisha's earliest memories of family and community revolved around food. Her studies in city planning and community development led her from the country to the city where she spent her 20s working in restaurants and bakeries. She was led back to the farm in pursuit of better tasting and higher quality ingredients and has since been farming in Austin, growing the hype on food, and connecting the community with local farmers through a variety of ways including hosting Austin's inaugural Field Guide Festival.

The event is open to All In, Flexible, and Monthly Members.

Rain Lily Farm
914 Shady Lane
Austin, TX 78702